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Summer Special Offers...

Single room air conditioning up to 30sqm £1,380 (rrp £2,300)
2 room Air Conditioing up 25sqm per room £1,529 (rrp £2,780)

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We provide a wide range of traditional and internal air conditioners for residential and commercial purposes. We install versatile wall mounted AC units suitable for many rooms to ceiling cassette units for larger commercial spaces. Our comprehensive maintenance packages ensure that your system is running at maximum capacity so that you get the most out of your investment.


Air Conditioning For Residential Properties

Air conditioning has become increasingly popular in homes throughout the UK. They are great for keeping your indoor space cool and comfortable throughout the summer months. AC units are great air purifiers, keeping dust and allergens at bay. They also help to regulate humidity levels.

At Response, our team of expert installation engineers have over 30 years  experience providing AC solutions. We install a range of systems from a selection of manufacturers to suit every residential property. We tailor our services based on your specific needs, providing a bespoke installation service.

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We supply and install a wide range of air conditioners and can therefore accommodate any type of residential space. From traditional units for your home to internal solutions for apartments and Grade II listed buildings, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. 

Installing an air conditioner is more than an investment. It is an engagement in the long run. For the cost, performance, or other purposes, an older air conditioner needs to be replaced. However, selecting an air conditioner is never a one-size-fits-all condition.

Our Response air conditioning expert comes to find out precisely which air conditioner can meet your needs. As a company, we consider your priorities, expectations, and other relevant aspects for you and your home comfort.

We provide installation air conditioning services such as:

  • Central air conditioner installation

  • Single and multi split wall mounted units

  • Windows unit installation


Once you have an air conditioning system installed in your property, it is essential to keep up with its maintenance and servicing. When left unmaintained, it can lead to breakdowns and unnecessary replacements. This will subsequently result in increased costs for you.

There are several benefits to a well-maintained air conditioning unit. Firstly, regular upkeep can drastically reduce your running costs and increase energy efficiency. Secondly, this will increase the lifespan of your unit, while resulting in improved air quality and comfort. Most importantly, it is the best way to get the most out of your investment.

What Do We Do?

During our maintenance visit, we will check that all components of your AC unit are functioning at maximum capacity. This includes:

  • Leak testing

  • Washing of filters

  • Tightening of terminals and connections

  • Checking of all operations

  • Cleaning of units indoor and out

  • Checking of refrigerant pressures

  • Current checks on components i.e. compressor


The Importance Of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Getting an air conditioning unit installed in your residential or commercial space can be exciting. Gone are the days of trying to find ways to stay cool during the summer months. Once your air conditioning unit is installed, it is important to consider a regular maintenance schedule. This is to ensure that you get the most out of your new investment.

Why Is It Important To Service Your A/C Unit?


Neglecting to service your A/C system on a regular basis can lead to unnecessary breakdowns and leakages. As a result, you will be looking at additional costs to repair any potential damages.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular A/C Maintenance?


Regular maintenance will ensure that your system is running at full capacity, which will reduce running costs and maintain energy efficiency. In addition, it will increase the lifespan of your unit and sustain good air quality.

How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioning Unit?


This can vary depending on the type of unit you have installed. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to consider a yearly service on your air conditioning unit.

What Does An Air Conditioning Maintenance Package Cover?


Maintenance packages can differ, depending on the provider. At Response, our comprehensive Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan includes the following:

  • Warranty: we will certify that all warranty guidelines are met

  • Compliance: we will ensure your system follows UK law

  • Cleanliness check: our team will check that your unit is clean and prepared for use

  • Efficiency check: our team will ensure your unit is functioning at maximum capacity

  • Problem Identification: we will identify any future potential problems and resolve this under the maintenance plan

If you have recently installed an A/C unit in a residential or commercial property, it is a good idea to get a maintenance and servicing plan with it. After all, a maintenance package is a small price to pay for peace of mind. At Response, our team of friendly experts provide exceptional customer service and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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